About Lee Auto Transport


Lee Auto Transport is your go-to place for auto shipping services. Take advantage of vehicle transport no matter who or where you are. We can have your vehicle shipped down the road or across the nation within a quick time frame and at a reasonable price. In fact, we will make the entire process a smooth, stress-free experience.


With our history and knowledge within the auto shipping industry, we assure that your vehicle will make it from one location to the next safely. Our customer service representatives are always willing and happy to serve you. We pride ourselves in our services and gladly assist every single person who comes our way.


The professionals handling your vehicle are highly trained and seasoned individuals. They use the latest equipment and haulers to secure your vehicle during its travels. All auto transport companies are required to carry insurance coverage on the vehicles in their care. This is just added protection to help you put your mind at ease.


Our continuous growth at Lee Auto Transport allows us to offer the best services at the lowest rates. Auto shipping has never been made easier. We are accustomed to handling all types of vehicles and all types of shipping methods. Dealerships, manufacturers and individuals from all over come to us for our superb service. Rest assured that you will find the right auto transport services for your circumstances when you come to us for help.


Your Vehicles Are Safe With Us!